Thursday, August 28, 2008

Win this auto: Olaf Kolzig

Over the years, an occasional lapse in planning produces a duplicate, or "double," autographed card from an NHL player. My pain, as mild as it comes, can be your gain.

I'm kicking off this monthly feature by offering a 1999-00 Black Diamond card autographed by Tampa Bay's Olaf Kolzig. one of the league's nicest signers.

He's been kind over the past few days. This is but one token of my appreciation. The other? Join me, if you can, in doing the right thing.

You'll have to take my word that the signature is authentic (click the image for a closer look), picked up when the Capitals visited Boston.

So, how do you win?

Tell me, in 100 words or less, about your funniest hounding situation. Answers must be left in a comment. Anonymous users must provide name and geographical region. Because we're so deep into August, the deadline will be 11:59 p.m., Sept. 30.

After I read your responses, and I do hope I get some participants here, the winner will be announced and the card will be sent -- at my expense. All I'll need is an address.

On a side note, I'm surprised that no one has taken a shot at the Hockey Quiz. Hound Central regular Brett must be on vacation.


Anonymous said...

Some times there is a fine line between funny and disturbing, but here I go anyway.
Last season the Penguins were in South Florida and I was planning on hounding them at the Incredible Ice arena. However, my darn job got in the way and I had to go out to one of my jobsites.
As human Nature has it, I needed to use the restroom. I went in to the ice rink located Pembroke Pines and it turned out that this is where the Pens were practicing. Luckily I had my cards with me and was one of 2 hounds there. I was finally able to get sid the kid simply because I ate entirely too much cuban food the night before. Most of the time this can be considered a curse but this time it paid off. Now I only visit Hockey arenas for such movements in hopes of finding a second diamond in the rough.

I think this was definetly more disturbing than funny


bamlinden said...

Kolzig has long been associated with this cause. A great goalie and an even better person.

Kudos to you for putting the auto Kolzig up for grabs.