Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hard at work

For those of you who may believe I've been talking to lawyers over the past few weeks, I now have proof that I've been busy creating the ninth and 10th titles in my suite of hockey collecting blogs:

Sweet Swatches: Fourteen of the sweetest memorabilia cards (primarily swatches of jerseys and patches) in our collection.

Young Guns: A look at our top-shelf Upper Deck Young Guns, the gold standard of hockey rookie cards.

Taken together, I believe all 10 offer one of the most comprehensive arrays of hockey hounding/collecting blogs on the Internet.

Check them out, won't you?

Editor's note: This originally appeared on Hound Central 3.0.


denis said...

Are you kidding me?
Are you one of those guys who stands around in front of hotels dropping Big Gulp cups in the streets and shoving old ladies out of the way?
Are you the kind of guy who would trade his cherished friends or fellow copy editors for a puck that had been touched by some musclehead with a French/Russian name?
Are you the kind of guy who thinks Buffalo is Nirvanah?
I can take you on my worst day.
I can eat your stylebook for lunch!

Puckhound said...


Nope, that's not me.

I hang back, let the dealers get their goodies and then, with kindness and humility, ask the players for a simple autograph.

I will admit, though, a fondness for Buffalo and western New York.

And, as for the stylebook, one would think a man of your vintage would have it memorized by now. I have.

Anonymous said...

Tell 'em you can take him in street hockey anyday....leave em alone Denis or i am gonna have to put on the foil and pop a tooth or two outta yer head!! Oh, and Buffalo is a great sports town and WNY is a great place to live. Go BILLS....Go SABRES...