Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Get your pucks in a row

Will you be carrying a bunch of pucks into training camp this year? Rather than let pucks roll loose within hounding bags or plastic tubs -- increasing the risk of damaging the logos -- you might want to consider this system.

Using a box from a previous order of pucks, I create four rows using three dividers from a cut-up photo enlargement folder. Then, using scraps of paper, I create file cards, so to speak, for each player, listing the pucks I have for them. This box holds 36 pucks.

Standing the pucks on edge, rather than letting them lie flat, lets me slip the file cards between each players' pucks, creating what I believe is a quick, alphabetical and easy-to-use system. The cards creating the rows keep the pucks from rolling back and forth.

Once signed, I put the pucks in cases for protection and use that, as the rows thin out, to fill in the gaps.

I'd be interested, too, in hearing what others do. Especially, so, if your idea makes it even easier.


Drew said...

I do something similar. Mine are up on edge in an old 800-count card box. The box can be closed, but it'll bend the top a bit. Nothing too bad though.

Puckhound said...

I used a 3,200-count box for the 2005 AHL All Star Game, when I carried more than 100 pucks to get signed.

The way I look at it, I save money using items easily found around the house.

Better yet, the box easily fits in my hounding bag.

Drew said...

Speaking of sorting pucks for hounding, I may actually get some hounding in in about two weeks.

The bad news: I have about 20 pucks here and have no one really puckworthy to put on them.

The players...

Corey Millen, Doug Smail, Gary Suter, Pokey Reddick, Rod Buskas, Tom Pederson, Gregg Naumenko, Bob Suter, Troy Loney, Mike Matteucci, Paul Baxter, Jeff Brown, Dane Jackson, Red Berenson, Jason Wooley, Mark Osiecki, Neil Little, Ted Donato, Randy McKay, Shawn McEachern, Rick Bennett, Mike Richter, Todd Reirden, Chris Wells, Mike Hurlbut, Danton Cole, Tom Draper, Tony Hrkac, Brett Hull, Kelly Chase, Mark Tinordi.

A few puckworthy guys, but no pucks for them! A few pucks, but no one puckworthy for them! How's that for luck? Glad I got cards and some custom index cards.