Thursday, August 21, 2008

Points of entry

There's always a point of realization in one's pursuit that branching out only enhances the value of your efforts. While I see no problem maintaining my particular focus -- autographed hockey pucks -- the benefit to building the depth of the collection is crystal clear.

That's why, as we sit on the cusp of an NHL season, a journal's pages more empty than full, Hound Central 4.0 will embark upon another three projects:

Team Canada jersey: Given the many players who've worn the tri-color leaf, this would be easy to fill. I'm thinking, though, that this will be used for cherry-picking. I'm hoping Tampa Bay's Vinny Lecavalier, Marty St. Louis and Steven Stamkos are the first three to sign it.

Colorado's Joey Sakic, Columbus' Rick Nash, San Jose's Joey Thornton and New Jersey's Martin Brodeur would be a darn good start, too.

Team helmets 2008-09: To me, the Lightning is a must-have. Between all the new faces and last season's retooled logo, working this through the season is something I'm good at: a no-brainer.

The main reason I picked Ottawa and Florida is that I won't have too many pucks, don't need too many more cards and, for the most part, they're good-signing teams. So, why not?

Lots for the Lightning: I've been writing about this for some time now. It's funny, too. Without all of the new ownership group's changes, I was looking at a pretty lean year with the Lightning. That's changed now.

The trio joins these existing projects:

~ American-born goalie stick
~ USA Hockey team jersey
~ Slovakian team jersey
~ Team Canada goalie mask
~ 1999 NHL All Star Game helmet

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