Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hockey Quiz No. 1

So, think you're pretty smart, don't you?

Well, then, why don't you try these out.

You can even leave your answers in a comment.

Name this logo

As is usually the case, any time I have the slightest inkling that I might slip something past you, one of Hound Central 3.0's most faithful readers humbles me.

In less than three hours after the quiz was posted, Brett correctly identified not just the logo, but didn't miss a beat in all of the other quizzes as well.

Let's see how long it takes before he nails this one, too.

The answers for the last quiz are below.

Hockey Word Association

Steven Stamkos =
Best young goalie =
Pittsburgh Penguins =
Pascal Leclaire =
Victory Hockey =

Hockey, scrambled

Didva Gwadlen =
Darnoby Runcob =
Nasmo Darmony =
Reptite Koalninnee =
Boryn Greher =

Hockey math

Gerry Glovehand gave up 178 goals on 2,065 shots in 69 games. What is Gerry's goals-against average and save percentage?

A.) 2.61 GAA, .912 SP
B.) 2.58 GAA, .914 SP
C.) 2.52 GAA, .917 SP
D.) 2.55 GAA, .915 SP

Answers to the last quiz

Name that logo: Regina Pats, Western Hockey League
Hockey, scrambled: Joni Pitkanen, Duncan Keith, Travis Zajac, Gilbert Brule, Kurtis Foster
Hockey math: D. Tony Toesave posted a 2.56 GAA and a .915 SP


Drew said...

Logo: no idea, but I haven't checked Chris Creamer's site yet either.

Steven Stamkos: Next big thing
Best young goalie: Still Fleury
Penguins: Cup soon, I hope
Pascal Leclaire: under the radar
Victory Hockey: decent

David Legwand (sadly this one took me the longest)
Braydon Coburn
Mason Raymond
Petteri Nokelainen
Robyn Regehr

B, (provided he played all 60 minutes in those 69 games).

Puckhound said...

Yes, the games count as complete 60-minute contests.

bamlinden said...

Well, it only took me forever to get my comments down....sorry 'bout that. It's been a crazy August.

As for the have stumped me. I searched for 20 minutes with no luck. Congrats!

Word Association
Steven Stamkos: looking forward to seeing the goods
Best young goalie: I hate to say it....Carey Price
Penguins: The chance has passed them....for now
Pascal Leclaire: Won't get 4 shutouts this year
Victory Hockey: Good low-end product.....but I prefer OPC

David Legwand
Braydon Coburn
Mason Raymond
Petteri Nokelainen
Robyn Regehr


Thanks as always for the quiz.